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*Are you interested in trying Judo? e-mail us anytime @
for more information on trying one of our  classes for free*

2017 Season (Sept 11-Dec 21)

Young Judoka: ages 6 & 7 yrs old. $75.00 + *$80.00 (1 time annual judo BC fee) 

Juniors: ages 8-12 $160.00 + *$80.00 (1 time annual judo BC fee)

Teens & Adults: ages 13 – Adult $180.00 + *$80.00 (1 time annual judo BC fee)

* the 1 time annual judo BC fee covers the 2017 & 2018 season- members returning for the Jan-Apr 2018 season will NOT pay this fee again*

*The CRJC offers a family discount- The oldest member pays full dues, subsequent immediate family members receive a 50% discount on dues.  Please note: the discount does not include the Judo BC fee.

Young Judoka are 1 class per week.
Juniors are 2 classes per week.
Teenagers & adults can participate in up to 4 classes per week.

All  members are automatically registered with Judo BC.

Please note that due to insurance issues members can not partake in class until their crjc membership, Liability and Judo BC forms are filled out.

All forms and price lists can be found in this printable PDF:2017/2018 Application-pkg


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