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Campbell River judo club*Are you interested in trying Judo? e-mail us anytime @ for more information on trying one of our  classes for free*

2021-2022 Season (Fall, September – December  /  Winter, January – April)

Little Judoka

In our Little Judoka program (ages 4 & 5 yrs) children will learn the foundation of Judo through fun games and activities.

Young Judoka

In our Young Judoka program (ages 6 & 7 yrs) children will learn to roll & fall (breakfalls),  basic Ne-waza and Tachi waza techniques (ground & standing) and the sports history & customs.  The class is a mixture of technique and Judo oriented games.  Children in this class can begin to compete in tournaments (in Club and Island). Students will gain the knowledge to move up to our Junior program and begin earning colored belts.


Our Junior Program (ages 8-12 yrs) is for children of all skill levels and rank (typically classes are broken down into smaller groups based on experience).  Children will learn beginner to advanced techniques as they progress with their training.  Children in this class can begin to compete in local Island tournaments and eventually be able to travel to off-island tournaments.

Teens & Adults

The Teen & Adult classes are for students 13 years and older of all ranks and skill levels. This class is ideal for the family that wants to train together!  Classes are a combination of skill training, conditioning & randori.  Students of this class can begin or continue to train to compete at off-island tournaments hosted all over the world.  Whether new to Judo or experienced you are welcome to join us.  *some juniors under the age of 13 may be invited to join this class based on previous experience and skill level*

* The CRJC offers ongoing registration all season long. E-mail us for more information*

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